Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ACP Award 2007

ACP Award 2007 goes to Dr. Markus Kalberer, ETH Zürich and Dr. Daniel Schaub, EMPA


Dr. Markus Kalberer, ETH Zürich
for his laboratory work on the chemical reactivity and properties of secondary organic aerosols which were shown to undergo polymerization reactions in the aerosol phase within a large-scale atmospheric reaction chamber, for his skills in analyzing organic aerosol using a number of analytical methods such as FTIR, GC, GC-MS, size-exclusion chromatography and NMR, and for his innovative contributions to field studies involving several laboratories, focused on organic aerosol composition and source identification, in particular on the importance of aerosol polymer characterization and critical comparison with laboratory data.

Dr. Daniel Schaub, EMPA
for his work on the scientific potential and limitations of satellite observations on the tropospheric NO2 column for the analysis of air pollution on a regional scale, in particular for his validation of the satellite NO2 column using an innovative approach in the retrieval process, for the in-depth analysis of error sources over complex terrain, and for the analysis of systematic errors associated with cloudy pixels.

The ACP 2007 award was co-sponsored by the BLS Railways, Spiez, Switzerland.

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  • Climatology, Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomoy