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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ACP Award 2017

ACP Award 2017 goes to Franziska Glassmeier, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich.

At the occasion of a seminar given at ETH Zurich in April 2018, the ACP Award for Atmospheric Research was presented to Franziska Glassmeier for her PhD thesis “Constraining susceptibilities of aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions in warm and cold clouds”.

ACP president Ulrich Krieger with Award winner Franziska Glassmeier
Image: ACP

Franziska Glassmeier’s thesis shows that aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions in warm and cold clouds are strongly influenced by cloud microphysical buffering. The buffering emerges from a multitude of processes and external constraints. Understanding aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions on cloud albedo constitutes a major uncertainty in quantifying anthropogenic climate forcing and hence is relevant for predicting future climate. In her thesis Franziska Glassmeier conducted theoretical estimates as well as used the regional model COSMO, which she which she expanded with the M7 aerosol scheme coupled to the ART chemistry and tracer scheme enabling her able to look at the problem of buffered systems both fundamentally and in a more applied setting.


  • Climatology, Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomoy