Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ACP Award 2006

ACP Award 2006 goes to Dr. Yasmine Calisesi, University of Bern and Dr. Stefan Reimann, EMPA Dübendorf


Dr. Yasmine Calisesi, University of Bern
for her work on the continuous monitoring of ozone using microwave radiometry and her efforts to integrate the high-resolution data into the Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC) and selected locations of the Meteosuisse network, for her on-going efforts at analyzing and interpreting the resulting ozone long-term time series and her ground-breaking research on methods of inversion of satellite data in conjunction with validating these using “ground truth” measurements from surface observatories.

Dr. Stefan Reimann, EMPA Dübendorf
for his field work on the Jungfraujoch Observatory, among other locations, in relation to the quantitative detection of numerous halogenated hydrocarbon trace gases relevant to climate change and helping to set up the System for Observations of Halogenated Greenhouse Gases in Europe (SOGE), for his efforts at critically combining and evaluating the SOGE data with other
international networks such as AGAE and NOAA, his trajectory calculations in conjunction with the establishment of quality control of the European emissions inventory of such gases and his research on the independent verification of the Swiss emissions inventory by cross correlating the atmospheric concentrations of halocarbon trace gases with CO.

The ACP 2006 Award was co-sponsored by the Jungfrau Railways, Interlaken, Switzerland.

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  • Climatology, Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomoy