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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ACP Award 2018

ACP Award 2018 goes to Heresh Amini, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), University of Basel.

At the occasion of the Swiss Geoscience meeting in Bern in December 2018, the ACP Award for Atmospheric Research was presented to Heresh Amini for his PhD thesis “Air quality in Tehran, Iran: Evaluating acute health effects and modeling the long-term spatial variability”.

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Image : Christoph Ritz

Hersh Amini’s thesis thesis, first, he assessed short-term exposure to ambient air pollutants and their association with daily mortality in Tehran. Second, he assessed long-term exposures for different air pollutants, which is a prerequisite for the investigation of their chronic health effects. In his first part, he found that the effect of air pollutants on mortality was immediate, and that it increased steadily over a period of weeks. In his second part, he found that concentrations of various air pollutants were very high in Tehran, comparable with those reported for other megacities in Asia.


  • Climatologie, physique de l'atmosphère, aéronomie