Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ACP Award 2009

ACP Award 2009 goes to Dr. Claudia Marcolli, ETH Zürich and Dr. Christian Ruckstuhl, University of California, La Jolla


Dr. Claudia Marcolli, ETH Zürich
for her spectroscopic investigation of phase changes in mixed organic/inorganic and multiphase aerosol particles, typicall y playing a significant role in aerosol direct and indirect radiative climate forcing, for the characterization and understanding of the physical and chemical properties in terms of the thermodynamic stability of the liquid phase in highly complex mixtures of organic aerosols, for developing a thermodynamic model that will predict the phases of organic/inorganic mixtures in terms of the activity coefficients of the components, and for the quantitative treatment of one specific mode of ice nucleation, namely the immersion mode, on surrogates of mineral dust particles.

Dr. Christian Ruckstuhl, University of California, La Jolla
for his investigation of the uncertainty of surface radiation measurements, for the development of a method to numerically and remotely detect cloud-free skies based on sunshine duration and the variation of global solar irradiance, and for the investigation of the important role of anthropogenic aerosols on the surface temperature in Europe since the 1980’s leading to the important conclusion that in this area the direct aerosol effect under cloud-free skies is significantly larger than the forcing due to the indirect aerosol effect related to clouds.

The ACP 2009 award was co-sponsored by BAFU, the Bundesamt für Umwelt

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  • Climatology, Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomoy